Tassel Garlands

A few colorful tassels are enough to create a festive atmosphere, don’t you think? We do, that’s why tassel garlands are something we couldn't miss. You can choose from a wide range of colors, from crazy, vivid rainbow blends to subtle and beautiful space combinations. All of them have been specially selected by our party planning experts so that they suit any party theme in our offer. The tassel garland is a fantastic party accessory because it allows you to decorate any place in five minutes. Their eye-catching colors make them create a celebration and party atmosphere wherever you put them.

Each of our tassel garlands sets includes twenty garlands which are more than enough to decorate a party of any size. What’s even better is the fact that when the party is over you can still use them to decorate your apartment or add a festive twist to a Sunday dinner with family. Don’t worry if you don’t want to keep it, that’s absolutely no problem since they are made of biodegradable material. So there’s no harm to the environment either!