Party plates, along with party cups and cutlery form a must-have trio of accessories for a kids theme party. Parents tend to focus more on the entertaining points of an event but even at a party packed with surprises and activities, kids get hungry! The party plates we have in the offer make a beautiful table setting, no matter if you serve a tasty chocolate cake, healthy fruits and veggies snacks or just chips and crackers. Magical unicorn plates or “shoot for the moon” plates just go well with everything. At the same time, our plates for parties are durable, have a deep rim and are available in different sizes.

Disposable plates for a party are extremely convenient for parents too! We’re sure all of you are a bit worried about plates, cups and cutlery while inviting a group of kids over, right? Especially children in a party-mood are more likely to think about running around and playing with their friends than remembering where they leave the plate after finishing the cake. Save yourself the hassle and buy our disposable, completely food-safe plates. They’re easy to clean and guarantee a stunning decorative effect at the same time.