Photo Props

With these fantastic photo props for a party, taking photos is one more fun activity in a party schedule. Everybody loves to dress up, especially for a theme party, so we offer beautifully made sets of party photo props that perfectly complement every disguise and decoration. We guarantee taking photos with photo props is twice as entertaining as without them and the effect is just hilarious. As much as a simple photo corner with these funny photo props is enough to prepare an engaging activity for both kids and adults. It takes the party to another level. 

Dozen or so photo props create countless possibilities of funny photo settings. So just pick one set, matching the theme of your party, and have fun! As an extra tip, we can advise that it will not only entertain the kids for hours but also make a nice souvenir from the party. Such photos can be a great addition to a party favor bag. You’ll find some nice patterns in the party favor bag category.