Party Favor Bags

Party favor bags are a great addition to any party. Preparing a beautiful theme party is one thing, but making it stay in the memory of guests for longer is another thing.  Don’t worry about that. In Party Dash, we take care of all aspects of a perfect and memorable party and we are here to help with this pickle. The best option is to give the guests something that will stay with them even after the party and will remind them about the happy moments you spent together. Think about it in advance and prepare beautiful party favor bags that will give the kids even more joy and keep them in a party mood for days.

If you're wondering what you can put in a party favor bag, try to put yourself in the guest's place. When the party you're throwing is a fun theme ball for your daughter's or son's birthday, try to come up with something they would enjoy. Kids surely love stickers, temporary tattoos and funny illustrations that match the theme of the party. If you take photos during the celebration, e.g. with a photo booth, it will be a great and unforgettable addition to the party favor bag.