Party cutlery is easy to forget when organizing a kids' party. Parents focus more on the entertaining points of celebrations – impressive costumes, eye-catching decorations or gorgeous cake. But even at a party packed with surprises and activities, kids get hungry! Cutlery for a party is a must-have accessory and if it’s matching the theme and the delicious food, even better. Funny party cutlery is a perfect way to encourage kids to eat with it. Just imagine a group of happy children, dressed as jungle animals or colorful mermaids, chatting while having a tasty lunch. Isn’t it adorable and elegant at the same time?

Party cutlery is extremely convenient for parents too! We’re sure all of you are a bit worried about cups, plates and cutlery while inviting a group of kids over, right? Especially children in a party-mood are more likely to think about having fun with their friends than remembering where they leave the fork. Save yourself the hassle and buy our disposable, completely food-safe cutlery. If you deeply care about the environment, check out the wooden option, which is disposable, biodegradable and beautiful at the same time.