Banners & Backdrops

Banners for a party have been extremely popular lately and we absolutely understand this trend! Most of the party decorations are all about visuals which is obviously great, because that’s what parties need, beautiful colors and fantastic images. But we can express so much with words as well. And that’s exactly what makes banners and backdrops a perfect completion. When guests enter the party and see a banner or a backdrop they instantly know what’s the reason for the celebration or what is the theme of a party. This makes it easier for them to feel the atmosphere and go with the flow of the party right away!

The diversity of our banners gives you the chance to pick the one that matches the theme of the party. We’ve got something for little mermaids and for wildlife enthusiasts, for little space adventures’ fans and for unicorn lovers. On the other hand, if you believe less is more and you’re looking for something classic, we have it as well. Sometimes a simple, golden happy birthday banner is all that’s needed.