Best Trendy Birthday Party Theme Ideas for 2020

Best Trendy Birthday Party Theme Ideas for 2020

Are you searching for inspiring theme ideas for a birthday party you’re planning to organize in 2020? Look no further! We’ve done some research on trends in the party planning world and prepared a summary especially for you! Here’s a list of theme decoration ideas we mention in this article:

  • Safari Party Decorations
  • Moon Party Decorations
  • Rainbow Party Decorations
  • Greatest Show on Earth Party Decorations
  • The Little Mermaid Party Decorations
  • Magical Unicorn Party Decorations

Ready to discover the potential of each of these themes? Let’s see then!

1. Safari Party Supplies

All nature-related themes will be a big trend this year. Most of our everyday activities take place in the urban landscape. That’s why, from time to time, we are just craving to be closer to nature, whether we are 5 or 35 years old! Safari party theme will satisfy these needs and introduce the kids to a fantastic atmosphere of unforgettable adventure in a wild jungle.

A must-have safari party decorations set consists of beautifully designed disposable plates, cups, cutlery, straws and napkins for the table setting, as well as safari party banner, balloons and garland tassels to decorate the space. Cake and cupcake toppers are useful too, the sweets table looks amazing if you have them. And last, but not least, wild party photo props. They really transform taking photos into a fun activity for hours. 

Wild Safari Party Theme & Party Decoration Box

2. Moon Party Supplies

Discovering space and going to the moon is a dream of many kids, especially in the last years. Thus, no wonder that the space theme is among the strongest trends this year. Make your kids’ dreams come true and decorate the party with cosmic accessories. We guarantee they will remember the day for a long time. As long as the trip from here to the moon!

In a perfect moon party box, you will find balloon garlands and tassels in the colors of sky and stars, inviting party banners, as well as matching astronaut-shaped balloons. The space table can be decorated with disposable cups and plates printed with astronauts and planets. Oh, and don’t forget about napkins, straws and cutlery to finish up the table setting. If it’s a birthday party, surely there will be a cake, so make it fit into the theme with the moon cake and cupcake toppers.  Finally, when it comes to fun activities, you can get the matching photo props to capture the space memories forever. Buy a moon favor bags to pack the photos as a gift for guests. They’ll love it!

Amazing Moon Party Theme & Party Decoration Box

3. Rainbow Party Decoration

Spreading positive energy is a timeless trend. Rainbow Party is a perfect way to express a positive attitude through a kids’ birthday party. The second your guests enter a place filled with vibrant and positive colors, a big smile appears on their faces and they are ready to have fun!

Party accessories that help you create a rainbow-themed, positive atmosphere are all kinds of venue decorations - rainbow party banners, colorful balloons or tassel garlands. The table setting is also an important part of the decor, so get the cups and plates with a rainbow theme as well as cutlery, napkins and straws. Cake and cupcake toppers are a must too. Let's not forget about party favor bags for guests, and fun activities, such as taking photos with awesome photo props.

Extra Colorful Rainbow Party Theme & Party Supplies Box

4. Greatest Show on Earth Party Supplies

Another great trend is to prepare double entertainment for your little guests. You can ask, how is that possible? Easy, by inviting them to a birthday party and a big show at the same time! Kids love animals doing funny tricks, or acrobats jumping on the ropes. With this circus theme party, they can experience it on their birthday event.

Elephants, monkeys, and tigers doing funny tricks can be found on disposable party cups and plates as well as on beautifully designed napkins and cupcake toppers. Just add straws and cutlery and you’ll have a beautiful table setting. Party banner saying “Happy birthday” in a circus-style will make a perfect introduction to this entertaining birthday party. The decoration can be complemented by balloon garlands, tassel garlands and popcorn-shaped balloons. Finally, buy a few circus photo props to capture unforgettable moments on the photos and you're ready to start the party!

Greatest Show on Earth Party Theme Box

5. Little Mermaid Party Supplies

Little Mermaid is a classic theme but in an updated version. This year it comes back full of shiny motifs and in beautiful pastel colors. Purple, turquoise, blue and silver will take over birthday parties of the little mermaids.

We have fallen in love especially with the "Let's be mermaids" party banner, isn't it adorable? But a banner is not enough. Mermaid-shaped balloons or beautiful tassel and balloon garlands are a fantastic addition to this theme. Table setting decorated in a mermaid theme is also a feast for the eyes. Cupcake toppers in the shape of sea creatures, as well as cups, plates and napkins with mermaid prints, will delight everyone. Don’t forget about straws and cutlery. You can also find great photo props matching the theme or star-printed party favor bags.

Adorable Little Mermaid Party Theme & Decor Box

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6. Magical Unicorn Party Supplies

Everyone needs a bit of magic in their lives, but children need it especially! Magical unicorn is a fantastic birthday party theme that will spread fairy dust on every kid’s special day. This theme is another trend combining pastel colors with a bit of glamour, this time in gold.

Pink, purple and turquoise joyful unicorns jumping on plates, cups, and napkins surely put guests in a good mood. On the other hand, gold straws and cutlery add a bit of elegance to the party. Magical unicorns theme comes with original cake and cupcake toppers and beautiful photo props. And for the party venue decoration in unicorn style, you have a choice of balloon and tassel garlands in matching colors, unicorn-shaped balloons and awesome party banner with a magical "I believe in unicorns" statement. 

Magical Unicorn Party Theme Box


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Have any of the themes inspired you already? If so, you can buy them right away. All of the party supplies are available in the Party Dash store. You can buy them individually or in the party boxes of different sizes. Just click the photo if something caught your attention and you’ll be transferred to the store. Have fun organizing the trendiest birthday party of the season!

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