Top 10 Party Blogs and Websites for Party ideas, Planning, Decor, Supplies, Favors & Themes Inspiration in 2020

Top 10 Party Blogs and Websites for Party ideas, Planning, Decor, Supplies, Favors & Themes Inspiration in 2020


People throw parties to celebrate important events in their lives. But in 2020 a party is not just about cake and candles. It’s a fantastic opportunity to organize something creative and unforgettable. Both children and adults love theme parties, and the possibilities that await them these days are almost limitless. Decorations, table settings, disguises and party attractions can be found in any color or design. So many unique parties can be organized with them!

But if you feel overwhelmed by this, don’t worry! We know it happens. You’re in the right place! Today we recommend you 10 websites and blogs founded by fantastic women who know how to plan a party like no one else. And they share this knowledge with everybody, isn't that great?

Check out their blogs and you will surely find inspiration and tips you were looking for. We guarantee that party planning with them is just a pleasure!



1. Michelle’s Party Plan-it

This website is simply a mine of information about how to organize well any kind of party. Whether you're looking for inspiring ideas for a birthday ball or just want to decorate your house for Christmas dinner, or maybe you're having a costume party for Halloween, Michelle got you covered. She has an infinite number of ideas, and all the pictures in her posts make you immediately dream of recreating this fantastic atmosphere in your own home. As if that wasn't enough, on the blog you will also find delicious recipes and DYI instructions. We highly recommend it!



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2. Smart Party Planning

Catherine, the owner of the Smart Party Planning website loves all things creative and you can definitely see it in her posts! You’ll find there tons of fantastic DYI ideas, many smart tips and lots of inspirations on how to organize the best party for kids. She’s a mother of two, so one can be sure she knows a lot about it. Catherine also offers different kinds of printables such as circus party decorations or cookies tags, many of them for free. So don’t wait any longer, just click the link and see her blog!




3. Spaceships & Laser beams

This blog definitely stands out from the rest of our listings. Why? Because its author, Stephanie, is the proud mum of a boy and that's what shaped her blog. You will find here the best inspirations for parties for boys, both the youngest and those who have already entered teenage age. Stephanie gives ideas for amazing theme birthday parties, cute baby showers and party accessories. Spaceships & Laser beams is a real treasure, for mums of boys who don't find what they are looking for among the huge amount of content directed mainly to girls.



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4. Celebration Stylist

If you’re looking for party ideas that won’t break your bank, Jess is your girl! She’s the party expert but also enjoys home décor, so there’s a lot of inspiration around these two topics on Celebration Stylist website. She’s a girl’s mum, so the blog posts are going to be especially helpful for those of you who also have a little princess at home. We love how Jess cares about the details and colors when it comes to party decorations and she manages to keep it simple at the same time. You need to see it. What’s more, you can subscribe to her monthly inspiration emails and get a party checklist as an extra gift! It will certainly prove helpful.




5. Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

Twinkle Twinkle Little Party is a wonderful website created by Andressa Hara. She’s a party stylist and a mum of two. The blog was founded as a platform to share her creativity and experience. She advises how to organize a perfect party, how to choose a theme, and shows simple DYI projects so that everyone was able to create an unforgettable party atmosphere at home. Andressa not only shares her knowledge on the blog, but also publishes a quarterly lifestyle & party magazine, so feel free to search for even more ideas there!




6. Laura’s Little Party

On this blog, you’ll find tips on how to organize a party with any theme you could think of. Really, any! It’s amazing how Laura, the author of the website, can prepare inspiring and fun decorations for any occasion. There are tons of birthday party ideas, but also original themes for days like Cinco de Mayo, Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day or Sleepover party. We guarantee everyone finds inspiration here!



7. Jordan’s Easy Entertaining

Here’s another boy’s mum. Jordan, the owner of the blog, has not one, but three fun little boys, so she definitely had a lot of birthdays to organize! Her experience is visible in every post she creates. They are full of wonderful ideas for decorations and table settings. Sometimes she also prepares creative games to entertain the kids during the party which is what every parent needs! And we love the photos she takes, they will encourage everybody to prepare a unique party on their own.


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8. Love the day

Lindi, who is the founder of Love the day, seems to be such a positive person. You can just look at the photo of her with her family and you instantly know that she spreads this positivity and joy around! Her blog is a perfect reflection of her personality and a wonderful creative outlet. Lindi shares DIY ideas, fantastic printables and theme party inspirations which are so beautiful. I mean, the post about the unicorn party is just magical and makes us want to throw a unicorn party right away! Lindi also designs a new backdrop every month and shares it for free with the subscribed readers. Definitely worth checking.



9. The Party Teacher

The name of the website gives a small hint on what it’s all about, right? Jennifer, the founder of the blog, has a goal to teach all the busy mums how to organize a perfect birthday party for their kids. And as a party planner, she has everything very well prepared. She offers party plans, expert consultations and even the party course. Looking at the reviews she gets from the mums, Jennifer really knows what she’s doing. Make sure to check out her blog as well, it’s full of tutorials, inspiring ideas and delicious recipes!



10. Hostess with the Mostess

Last but not least is Jenn, the founder of Hostess with the Mostess. When we found her website for the first time, we couldn’t stop to explore it. Jenn has so many talents. She’s a graphic designer, a content creator and an event stylist and she decided to build a platform to share her creative soul with other people. She focused on party planning which is a real blessing for all the party decorations’ fans out there! Since 2006 she shows how to organize any theme party – where to look for inspirations, how to prepare party supplies on your own and how to arrange them at a party. She also has a shop with her own printable designs, so be sure not to miss it!



We hope you’ll find the inspiration for your next party somewhere on these blogs and websites. We certainly did and we can’t wait to use it! Oh, and to all the wonderful authors we recommended today – girls, you’re doing an amazing job.

Thank you for your ideas and the effort you put in sharing them with us, we really appreciate it!


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