Top 10 Must Have Mermaid Party Decorations

Top 10 Must Have Mermaid Party Decorations

The Little Mermaid's kids party is one of the most popular party themes this season. It would seem that Little Mermaid is rather a character from the childhood of parents, but nothing more wrong. Her magic and mystery still make girls all over the world dream about becoming a mermaid at least for one day. Luckily, someone came up with the idea that makes their dreams come true - a mermaid theme party! 

Decorations for The Little Mermaid party are the key to create the right underwater atmosphere. In order not to get lost in the sea of possibilities, we prepared 10 must-have mermaid party decorations. Ready? Here we go!

1. Let’s Be Mermaids Party Banner

Let's start with a proper welcome message. "Let's be mermaids" party banner is a great way to introduce guests to the sea world. It has mermaids, shells, starfish, and seahorses. All the most important elements of a real mermaid theme party. Moreover, it is available in two different colors. One is more pastel and delicate and the other one more expressive and energetic. Go ahead and choose a style that suits you better. Then just hang it up at the party venue and voila!

Mermaid party banners

Mermaid party banner | Source

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2. Mermaid-Shaped Balloon

There’s no party without balloons! Look how adorable the mermaid-shaped ones are. All you have to do is buy a few of them and leave them in different places of the party venue. They will create a party atmosphere right away! These balloons are cute, colorful and put a smile on everybody's face.  And here’s an extra tip: fill the balloons with helium. It will make them hang in the air and delight everyone until the end of the party. 

Mermaid balloon

Mermaid balloon | Source

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3. Jellyfish

These DIY Jellyfish make a great addition to balloons and banners. They are original and we’re sure your guests have never seen anything like that before. As Jen, from The Suburban Mum blog, writes, hanging jellyfish decorations are very easy to do. You just need disposable bowls (plastic or paper, in the sea colors), plastic tablecloth, monofilament thread and optionally some scrapbook paper. With all these things, a jellyfish can be done in a few minutes. You can find the full tutorial on Jen’s blog. Check it out, highly recommended. We’ve fallen in love with these sea creatures!

Jellyfish party decoration

Jellyfish party decoration | Source

4. Under the Sea Backdrop

One more piece of decoration that will perfectly complement all the previous ones. After the banner, flying balloons and jellyfish floating around the party venue, it’s time to decorate the walls. What we have for you is a gorgeous inspiration for a DYI backdrop, which imitates the fish scales. Can you believe that this beautiful piece of art can be made of paper? You will need it in different shades of blue and silver (the best would be the glittering one). Plus a big canvas, some glue and a little bit of time and you're done! Check out the full tutorial in the link below the picture. You won't regret it.

Mermaid backdrop

Mermaid Fish Scales BackdropSource

5. Mermaid Table Setting

The party table is not just for serving food and drinks. It might as well be an additional decoration (and sometimes even the main one) if only you do it right. There are many different party accessories that help make the table fit perfectly with the party theme. Just look at these amazing disposable plates and cups with mermaid prints! And those silver napkins and cutlery that will complement the pastel colors with a bit of glamour. All of them together make a beautiful table setting. To make it look even more impressive scatter some plastic pearl necklaces on the table. They match the mermaid theme and complete the table setting. 

Mermaid party table

Mermaid plate | Mermaid Napkins & Cutlery | Mermaid Cups | Source

6. Mermaid Party Cake

When we first saw this 3-tiered mermaid-inspired cake, it took our breath away! It's just beautiful. Surely every little mermaid dreams of it. Its colors, patterns, and decorations perfectly match the concept of a mermaid party. We love the fact that each layer is different, yet the whole thing goes well together. The layer of fish scales will match the DYI under the sea backdrop and the strong pink ombre ruffled bottom tier will bring the table to life. The mermaid's tail-shaped cake topper at the very top is a super funny final touch. Wow, we'd love to eat it now! 

Birthday cake

Mermaid Party Cake by Kara | Source

7. Mermaid Cupcake Toppers

The cake is one thing, but kids expect more candy at the party. Fill the sweet table with colorful and delicious cupcakes. We recommend these mermaid cupcake toppers to decorate them. This way cupcakes will perfectly match the mermaid cake and other party accessories. 

Mermaid cake toppers

Cupcake toppers | Source

8. Oyster & Pearl Cookies

It's the last sweet snack in this top 10, we promise! We won't tempt you anymore, but we just couldn't help but add those oyster & pearl cookies to our list. We can't believe how simple yet brilliant this idea is. Just a few shell-like cookies, blue colored icing and anything that looks like a pearl (it can be white M&M or a mini marshmallow) and that’s it. These oyster & pearl cookies are a small but delicious and beautiful addition to the mermaid theme party table. Try out this recipe and you will be surprised how quickly they can be prepared (and how quickly kids will eat them!).

Mermaid cookies

Oyster & Pearl Cookies | Source

9. Ocean Water Punch

Let's go with the sea wave and move from the sweet table to the drinks section. Brandie, an author of The Country Cook blog, serves probably the easiest punch in the world. It consists of only two (ok, three) ingredients, but don't let it fool you. It's simple but yet, so impressive. All you have to do is mix the Polar Blast Hawaiian Punch and lemon-lime soda. The first one will give it an energetic blue color, while the second one will make it just enough sparkling. The final touch is red Swedish fish. Put one on the surface of each drink and it will look like a mini aquarium. Perfect for a mermaid party! 

Mermaid punch

Ocean water punch | Source

10. Mermaid Photo Props

When guests have enjoyed the beautiful decorations, have eaten a delicious cake and have drunk the sea punch, it’s time to start with fun activities. Remember, children need entertainment, otherwise, they get bored quickly. That's why we believe that these mermaid photo props are an absolute must-have for every good party. We have tried similar props many times and each time they gave us a lot of laughter and unforgettable memories. Plus, a lovely souvenir for the future. 

Mermaid photo props

Let’s be mermaids photo props | Source

All right, that's it. How do you like our top 10 list of mermaid party decorations? Let us know if you tried any of them and how it worked out. Or maybe this post inspired you to organize a mermaid theme party? Be sure to send us some photos (with photo props, of course)! Oh and one last thing, here's an article in which we explain how to make a mermaid costume at home. It might be useful. Good luck and have fun!


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