Wild To The Core: The Top 5 Best Safari Party Tips

Wild To The Core: The Top 5 Best Safari Party Tips

Whether you’ve got a rawrsome toddler or a wild-to-the-core big kid, a safari party will transport them to a whole other world. Deep in your living room jungle, kids can act like the animals we all know they are, and just like the newest Jumanji movie, you can take your safari and jungle-themed party to The Next Level.


Here at Party Dash, we love everything safari-like! That’s why we have the top five best safari party tips to make your little one’s party the greatest party yet—and we’re not lion! Keep reading and you’ll even get a bonus recipe for the adults to make all the party screams seem completely irrelephant.

Make Them Animals

Safari Headbands


You can’t have a safari party without animals. But, instead of a full safari-themed party outfit, consider making your life a little bit easier by creating safari headbands, instead. To make your safari and jungle themed party as cute and fun as can be, you have to make the party guests into their inner animal. Do it in a cute, minimalist style that is perfect for boys and girls alike. This DIY tutorial is quick, which is perfect for parents busy herding their pride! With headbands and felt, you’ll make animal ears that every child will enjoy.


What’s even better is that these DIY animal headbands can double as safari party favors and each child can take their headband home with them. Make sure you have enough headbands for everyone and make a few different options so the kids can choose the ears that match their inner (or outer) wild child!

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Make Animal-Worthy Cake Pops 



If there’s one thing we know, it’s that animals are not clean eaters. They get food everywhere! Sound familiar? That’s why it may be time to ditch the cake or add a delicious dessert on the side that leaves you with less mess.


Safari cake pops aren’t just adorable and delicious, they’re also easy to clean up after. This step-by-step tutorial gives you everything you need to whip up a batch for the hungry hippos, tigers, and lions in your life. And in one roaring bite, these cake pops will be gone! And when it’s all gone, all you have to do is throw away the sticks popsicle sticks.


Make Food For Picky Animals



Everyone knows that the animals can be very picky. Or, at least the animals around our house! When you have a whole safari full of animals running around, you need party food that can feed a safari. From hungry hippo dip to hungry tiger bites, these safari-themed snacks are an addition everyone will love.


It can be hard to get your little animals to eat healthy, but these safari snacks are nutritious and easy to handle finger foods. Young and old alike will love being in the jungle with these delicious snacks.

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Keep The Animals Distracted

Safari Checklist



Number one tip for your safari party? Keep the animals distracted! Between your safari-themed party decorations and that beautiful safari party centerpiece, you need to keep the kids busy so they don’t unleash their inner animal. Thankfully, distracting kids isn’t hard when you have cute safari crafts and safari party games to play.


Start the kids off by having them make DIY binoculars out of toilet paper rolls. Then, play a game of safari hide and seek! Have each child dress up as an animal and hide. Keep one or two kids as the “seekers” who then go around the yard, spotting all the animals on the safari. You can do this inside or outside—so it’s perfect for any time of year! Just keep an eye on them to catch any cheetahs.


Let The Safari Come To You

Need perfect safari party decorations? Thankfully, they couldn’t be easier to get. In fact, the whole party can be delivered to you. Party Dash has the cutest safari-themed party that uses minimalist-style party décor that is perfectly Pinterest-ready.


From cake toppers to safari party centerpieces and backdrops, Party Dash makes it easy to have the party of your dreams without all the crazy party decoration planning. Stress-free, cute, and fun! What more could you ask for?


BONUS: Safari Cocktail (to help you survive the animals!)


When you have a house full of animals, you probably feel like you’re Kevin Hart and The Rock fighting through the chaos of Jumanji. But we’re about to give you an extra life with the delicious Safari Cocktail. With Cointreau, Midori, orange juice, and grenadine, this gorgeous green and orange cocktail is like looking out at the African Sahara. Once you get a taste of it, you’ll be ready for everything those wild kids throw at you.


We have all the koalifications to give you and your party guests a safari party they’ll love. From printouts to banners and cakes to games, use this guide to throw an easy, DIY safari party that everyone can enjoy.

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