Party Planning Checklist – Everything You Need to Do to Organize a Kids Party

Party Planning Checklist – Everything You Need to Do to Organize a Kids Party

Organizing a birthday party for your child can be great fun but it can turn out to be a stressful couple of weeks, too. It all depends on how you plan it. We asked our party planning experts about the right way to do it and today we share all this knowledge with you

How to organize a kids' party without stress?

Well, the key is to plan it well. And by planning, we don’t mean spending hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Of course, Pinterest is very helpful and it’s a fantastic source of ideas for us as well but it’s important to make an actual step-by-step action plan. And there’s no better way to do it than with a checklist.

Party planning checklist

We decided to divide the whole process into three main timeframes: things you should do a few weeks before the party, a few days before the event and one day ahead of the big day. Read the guide carefully and you’ll never be stressed about organizing a kids' party again. As a bonus, we prepared a free Party Dash checklist to help you manage the situation every time there’s a fiesta to plan! You can find it at the end of this article. Good luck!

Mermaid party decorations

Let's be mermaids party box

To do a few weeks before

Choose the date

Check the calendar and choose the date for the big day.

Prepare the guest list

Plan the size of the party. This way you’ll be able to plan all the other steps. Many elements depend on this point - the number of decorations needed, the type of venue, how much food you’re going to need, how big should be the cake and most importantly, how much money it will cost.

Set a budget

Adapt the initial idea to your financial situation and you’re good to go to more pleasant steps!

Decide on a venue

Considering the number of guests and the budget, decide if you can throw a party at home or you prefer to reserve a venue. Remember that organizing a party at home requires more effort (and more cleaning afterward) but it’s also much more rewarding. If you choose the home option, continue to the next step. Otherwise, find a venue you like and make a reservation.

Choose a theme

Kids love theme parties! It’s a great opportunity for them to dress up and truly feel that the day is different than others. Talk to the birthday girl or boy and brainstorm about the ideas. It may be their favorite movie character, a magical creature, nature-related theme, their dream adventure or their favorite event. The sky is the limit!

Space party box

Shoot for the moon party box

Order party decorations online

There are so many wonderful party supplies for every theme! We recommend ordering them online a few weeks before to save time and be sure they are delivered before the party. Balloons, party banners, and tassel garlands are a must. Don’t forget about table setting as well – cups, plates, cutlery and cupcake toppers. Feel free to come up with a few DIY ideas as well!

Order a cake

If you decide to bake it yourself, bravo! You can skip this step. If you prefer to trust a professional, now’s the time to order it. Make sure the cake matches the party theme! We’ve found a few examples to inspire you.

Birthday cakes

Unicorn cake | Safari cake | Circus cake

Prepare invitations and send/mail/hand them

There’s no party without guests, so it’s time to invite them. It would be amazing if the invitations matched the theme! It’s a great way to introduce it to the guests and let them put themselves in the right mood. You can buy the invitations online or treat it as an opportunity for a fun and creative family DYI activity. Finally, distribute the invitations among your kid’s friends and ask their parents to confirm their attendance a few days before the event. 

To do a few days before

Confirm the guest list

Come back to the guest list a few days before the party and check if you got a response from everybody. If not, contact the parents that didn’t let you know if their kid would attend. A few days before the party, it’s important to know how many guests will come.

Plan the menu

It’s about time to think about food and drinks! Kids get crazy during parties and they have to get the energy from somewhere. Think about various easy-to-make but yet effective snacks. You can even make them match the theme of the party. It’s a good moment to search the Internet for food and drinks recipes inspiration. Try to choose different types of dishes – something sweet, something salty, different fruits and veggies.

Party food

Party animals snack mix | Fair-favorite corn dogs | Rainbow cupcakes

Do grocery shopping

Looking at the menu you’ve planned, make a shopping list (I know, a lot of lists, but believe me, they are super helpful!) and buy everything a few days before the party.

Prepare DIY decorations

If you planned some DIY decorations, this is the moment you should prepare them. It’s actually another task that can be transformed into a creative activity with your kids! Parents also like this step because it allows them to dive into their artistic souls. And believe us, it’s quite relaxing.

Think about party activities

It’s good to plan some engaging activities for the party as well. Keep the kids entertained with games and puzzles or quizzes related to the theme of the party. A funny photo session is a good idea, too. Just add a set of photo props to the list of party accessories you need to buy.

Arrange extra help

You probably think you can organize a kids' party by yourself, and I’m sure you do but it’s much easier with some help. Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends to give you a hand with decorating the venue, setting up the table and watching kids on the day of the party. 

To do one day before

Prepare food and drinks

The party is tomorrow! It’s time for the last preparations. Change your plan into actions and prepare the menu you’ve worked on. Remember to put the stuff that needs it into the fridge so that it’s fresh and delicious for the big day.

Carnival party box

Greatest show on Earth party box

Charge your camera

Many people tend to forget about this point. It only takes a few seconds to do it so it’s easy to omit it in the party planning fever. Anyway, don’t miss that one. What a pity it is to find out during the party that you can’t photograph all these beautiful moments!

Pick up the birthday cake

Right! If you baked the cake yourself, there’s nothing to worry about. But if you ordered it, remember to pick it up before the party. Once you get it, put it in the fridge so that it stays nice and beautiful until the magical moment of making a wish.

Day of the party

Decorate the venue

With this step, you’ll probably need some help. There are balloons to blow up, balloon garland arches to make and party banners to hang out. Decorate walls with these ready-to-use party accessories and add the ones you’ve made. Take care of the light to create a cozy atmosphere. Arrange a photo corner and prepare supplies for other activities you planned.

Set up the table

The table is a very important element of every party. Decide if you’d like to arrange it as a buffet on the side or as a central point of the celebration, where people seat, eat and drink. Set up tables and chairs accordingly and decorate the table with disposable plates and cups you’ve ordered. Add colorful napkins matching the party theme and don’t forget about cutlery and straws. Kids love straws! When the decoration is ready just take out the food and drinks and display them as planned.

Relax and have fun!

Good news! You’re almost done. Thanks to planning everything with a checklist, you can just do a few final touches here and there, and that’s it. No stress, no running around, no last-minute shopping. Dress up, help your little one do the same and you’re ready to welcome guests together!

Kids party

Planning a party with the checklist is a pleasure!

After the party

Thank guests for coming

It’s optional but we definitely recommend doing it. It’s a good opportunity to call the parents of your kid’s friends, chat about the party and exchange party planning tips. You can also prepare something nice for the children, for example, party favor bags with a small souvenir inside. They always put a smile on kids’ faces!

 Bonus: Party Dash party planning checklist

Don't forget to check out Party Dash to get all your party supplies!


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