How to Organize a Baby Shower?

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Are you a soon-to-be mom who dreams about a beautiful baby shower party? Is your best friend expecting a baby and you’d like to do something nice for her on that occasion? Or maybe you’re about to become a dad for the first time and you’re not even sure what a baby shower is? We’ve got all of you covered. From this article, you’ll learn more about this tradition and find answers to the most important questions. We’ll also tell you how to organize a beautiful baby shower and prepare perfect decorations.  


The tradition of a baby shower

A baby shower as we know it today might seem like a modern trend, carefully planned, with loads of beautiful decorations, adorable gifts and other attractions. Indeed, such a manner of celebrating a baby shower started in the 1940s and 1950s in the United States. Back then, whenever a couple expected a baby, their family and friends organized parties like that to help new parents in the difficult post-war times and celebrate the gift of life. 

But the tradition itself dates back to the ancient civilizations. Childbirth has always been considered a blessing and it was so even in Ancient Greece or Egypt. Whenever a baby came into the world, people wanted to celebrate it. Back then, they expressed their gratitude towards gods and goddesses by giving them presents and performing various rituals.

Baby shower

Baby shower is organized to celebrate the miracle of life and the beauty of motherhood

From a historical perspective, the baby shower tradition hasn’t really changed that much. We still organize a party to celebrate the miracle of life and the beauty of motherhood. It’s also a good opportunity to give the mother (or both of the parents) one more chance to have fun before all the craziness begins!  


Baby shower questions & answers

We’ve come across different questions related to the baby shower, so we’ve gathered them here and prepared a short Q&A. Hopefully, it’ll clear up your doubts and help you organize the best baby shower of all time!

Who should organize a baby shower?

No rule specifies one particular person. However, according to tradition, it usually isn’t a close family member. The event is about “showering” future parents with gifts. And so people believed it could be seen out of line for the closest family to throw a baby shower and ask for presents. For this reason, the party used to be organized by a friend or a distant family member. Nowadays it’s not that restrictive. It’s common for a sister of the future mom or even her mother to organize a baby shower. One thing is for sure though – it shouldn’t be the mom-to-be. She should relax, take care of herself and just enjoy the party.

Who can attend a baby shower? 

A baby shower used to be an all-female party. It was a chance for close relatives (sisters, cousins, mom) and girlfriends to get together with the mother-to-be, talk about her new adventure and share experiences. However, the trend has changed in the last few years. A baby shower is now a mixed party, for both parents and their friends and family. 

After all, there are no strict rules and it all depends on the preferences of the expectant parents. The hostess should consult the guest list with them and follow their recommendations on who to invite. 

When is the best time to throw a baby shower?

In the past, a celebration of the childbirth happened after the child was born. In many societies, it coincided with the baptism ceremony. But the baby shower as we know it today is more casual and usually takes place a few weeks before the due date. The best time is during the third trimester, when the pregnancy is well along, but not too late. You don’t want to be surprised by the baby's arrival!

Baby shower party

Baby shower is about spending time with the loved ones | Source


Is a baby shower gift registry a good idea?

Although a baby shower is not only about gifts, they are an important part of it. You remember that the name comes from “showering” parents with gifts, right? A gift registry is a list of things parents-to-be need for their child and would like to get from baby shower guests. Some people find it awkward or impolite to tell others what they should buy, but it’s actually very helpful. Parents shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about it. Believe us, many guests have no idea what to buy and it’s extremely convenient for them to just choose something from the registry. This way, they are sure their gift is something the young parents really need. 

The only thing the parents-to-be should pay attention to is to diversify the items in the registry when it comes to price so that everybody can choose something they can afford. 

Does a baby shower need special attractions?

We believe there are three most important elements of a baby shower – people, decoration and food. Take care of a good company, beautiful venue and delicious food and the party will be a success. Games and other extra attractions are also important but optional. They may be fun but, after all, we guarantee that the mom-to-be will most appreciate the quality time she can spend with her closest friends and family. 


Best decorations for baby shower 

Now that all doubts are cleared up, guests are invited and the gift registry prepared, it’s time to think about party supplies. Whether the baby shower hostess chooses to organize it at home or in a rented venue, she or he can’t forget about decoration. That’s what causes all the oohs and aahs! Here are some of our favorite baby shower accessories. 

1. Pink letterboard – this beautiful pink letterboard is perfect for a welcoming message for the mom-to-be or a baby shower motto.

Pink letterboard

Pink letterboard

2. Balloon garlands – available in different colors, they make an amazing decoration of every baby shower venue. Depending on the theme of the event, you can choose one in a pastel shade or something more vivid. Balloon garland is a classic decoration that changes every room into a party venue.

Unicorn balloon garlandRainbow balloon archMermaid balloon garland

Unicorn balloon garland |Rainbow balloon arch | Mermaid balloon garland

3. Cupcake toppers – an ideal baby shower comes with a delicious sweet table. Cakes, cupcakes, donuts, candies – they all fit perfectly with the baby shower celebration and should be complemented with this beautiful cupcake and cake toppers.

Mermaid cupcake toppersRainbow cake topperCircus cupcake toppers

Mermaid cupcake toppers |Rainbow cake topper |Circus cupcake toppers

4. Table accessories – we are in love with these table settings! The colors and patterns are adorable. And what’s even better about them is that everything is disposable, so the cleaning will be much easier. 

Table setting for a party

Napkin | Yellow cutlery | Gold cutlery | Unicorn plate

5. Tassel garlands – they can do wonders when it comes to decorating a party venue. Tassel garlands are versatile so they can be used to decorate walls, tables, chairs and whatever else comes to your mind. They add a perfect final touch to the baby shower venue.  

Space tassel garlandSafari tassel garlandUnicorn tassel garland

Shoot for the moon tassel garland |Safari tassel garland | Unicorn tassel garland

Hopefully, with our article, we’ve helped all baby shower hosts and hostesses throw an amazing party for the lucky mom-to-be!  

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