Love You to the Moon and Back: 5 DIY Space Party Must Haves

Lego action figure in space. Photo by JJ Shev on Unsplash


Your love for your child is out of this world, so it’s time to throw them the greatest party of the year. To show your little aliens you love them to the moon and back, you can have a fun-filled afternoon making DIY space decorations.

From fun games to floating planets, your party will be remembered for years to come. Buckle up and come along on this awesome DIY space adventure where we’ll take you to infinity and beyond! Keep reading to find out how you can make easy DIY space decorations that will wow every person at the party—even the aliens.

Grab a Planet

It’s not a party without that perfect party game, and this one is as easy as can be! Copied from Musical Chairs, Grab a Planet is fun for kids, easy to learn, and easy to create. To make Grab a Planet, you’ll need:

  • Balls
  • Paint
  • Hula Hoop
  • Music


  1. Buy as many balls as you have guests coming to the party. Playground-sized balls work best so that they are easy for kids to grab. Using your paint, decorate the balls to look like planets.
  2. Let the balls dry overnight.
  3. At the party, set the balls in the center of the hula hoop. Play music and have the children walk around the hula hoop. When you stop the music, have each child grab a ball. The child who doesn’t get a ball is out. Repeat until one child is the winner!

    Rocket Launcher Table Decorations

    Rocket Launcher Backpacks - KARAS PARTY IDEAS

    Your love almost takes your child to the moon and back, but they can get that last little boost from these rocket launchers. Not only are they a fun table decoration, but they can be used to play with if you add some straps too! This is one party decoration that will definitely take-off. You’ll need:

    • Leftover 2-liter soda bottles
    • Duct tape
    • Red and yellow party streamers
    • Silver spray paint



    1. Make sure your soda bottles are empty, replace the cap, and spray paint them silver. Let them dry.
    2. Using your silver duct tape, tape two soda bottles together. This can be done using two strips of duct tape (about eight inches long each) on the back of the bottles. Place the two strips horizontally across the bottles and press down.
    3. With your red and yellow party streamers, cut a bunch of four-inch-long strips. Grab two yellow and two red, pinch them together on one end, and secure them to the lid of each soda bottle with more duct tape.
    4. For partygoers to really have a blast, make straps. Tape two 18-inch long pieces of duct tape together, sticky parts facing each other. Then, wrap this tape strip in a circle and secure the two ends with another piece of tape. Repeat for the second strap.
    5. Using four pieces of duct tape, attach each strap to the back of the soda bottle with horizontally-placed duct tape.
    6. Repeat for as many rocket launchers as you need.


    Meteor Shower

    One party activity that is a must-have is the piñata! However, making this fit into your space theme is so easy. You’ll need:

    • Round black or gray piñata
    • Candy
    • Baseball bat


    1. Fill your piñata with candy.
    2. Have each child use the baseball bat and take turns hitting the piñata.
    3. Once the piñata is burst, the candy becomes your meteor shower!

    Hanging Chinese Lantern Planets

    Lantern Planets
    Chinese lanterns are a must-have party supply. By painting them like planets and hanging them along your ceiling, you can have a DIY solar system that looks out of this world. The best part is you can make it unique. Here’s what you’ll need:
    • Chinese lanterns in different colors
    • Paint 


    1. Assemble your Chinese lanterns. 
    2. Using your paint, paint designs on the Chinese lanterns that mimic planets. For example, you’ll need red, brown, and orange paint for Jupiter and Earth will need green paint (just buy a blue Chinese lantern and you’re set!). Experiment with fun colors and backgrounds to make your unique solar system.
    3. Wait for them to dry.
    4. Hang your Chinese lanterns from the ceiling.

    Space Bingo

    Space Bingo

    Need a fun activity to play at the party? How about a DIY space bingo? Kids love to play bingo, and you can give the winner a small prize. It keeps children entertained, relatively quiet (bonus!), and is easy to set up. Here’s what you’ll need:


    1. Download the free space bingo printables.
    2. Print out the printables and cut them to size.
    3. When the kids arrive at the party, have them sit at a table with their bingo cards in front of them. 
    4. Give each child a handful of bingo markers to mark off each spot. Call out different bingo spots and wait until someone gets bingo!


    Having an adorable party is what we all want, and with these easy DIY space decorations and activities, you’re on your way there! Want to throw an amazing party but short on time? Let Party Dash handle everything for you. For a perfect party sent straight to your door, Party Dash is here to save the day. Our passion is throwing parties, and we’ll make your party fit for the stars!

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