The Best B-Day Party Decorations You Can Buy Online for Your Child

The Best B-Day Party Decorations You Can Buy Online for Your Child

B-Day party decorations can turn an ordinary party into a fun fiesta that kids will remember for a long time! The point is just to find the perfect theme and original accessories that match it. You, as parents, have two options, either do the decorations by yourself or buy them. The DIY option is great for those of you who have time and manual skills. For others, we recommend online shopping. It’s quick and easy and you can find fabulous stuff online! Today, we’ll recommend a few things that are absolutely gorgeous.


Best birthday accessories that can be found online

Pink letterboard for B-Day party

This beautiful pink letterboard is an extremely versatile gadget! It can be a welcoming message for the party guests, but also a space for an inspiring quote, joke or motto of the birthday party. The set includes 340 letters, numbers and characters, so you can freely use your imagination to come up with something funny and original.


Pink letterboard 

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Balloons for B-Day party

There’s no party without balloons. That’s probably the first thing everybody thinks of when they start to plan birthday party decorations. You really do have limitless options in this matter – different sizes, colors, shapes – amazing diversity! Check out this unicorn-shaped balloon for example, isn’t it adorable? It makes a wonderful decoration for a magical unicorn theme party.

Unicorn balloon

Unicorn-shaped balloon 

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Banners for B-Day party

We love party banners! They are chic and beautiful and look amazing in the photos. You can find a banner or a backdrop for every theme. They usually have some decorative elements referring to the motif of the B-Day party and a short message like “Let’s be mermaids” or “To the moon”. However, for those of you that are looking for something simple and classic, there are many options too! Like this elegant, gold “Happy birthday” banner.

Party banner

Gold Happy Birthday banner 


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Tassel garlands for B-Day party

Tassel garlands are not as popular as balloon garlands but believe us, they are equally spectacular. You should definitely remember about them when shopping for birthday party supplies. Tassel garlands are extremely charming and decorate the party venue in a subtle way. It’s easy to fit them in the style of a party because they can be found in a whole gamut of colors. This one, for example, will perfectly match the wild safari party.

Tassel garland

Party tassel garland

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Cake decorations for B-Day party

Birthday cake is what all the party guests are waiting for! Add a little twist to it by decorating it with original cake toppers. You can also buy matching cupcake toppers. This way your sweet table will not only be delicious but also visually attractive. This rainbow topper is our top choice in this category. It spreads out positive energy the minute you place it on the cake.

Rainbow cake topper

Rainbow cake topper 

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Candles for B-Day party

If we're talking about the cake, let’s not forget about candles! Cake decoration is one thing, but the most important message that everyone is looking for on the cake is a magic number. Which birthday is it? With number-shaped candles, everything will be clear.

Party candles

Silver birthday candles 

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Table setting for B-Day party

A beautifully prepared table for the party puts everyone - organizers and guests – in a festive mood. A table is the central point of a party, a place where people meet with family, friends and school colleagues. They eat, drink, talk and laugh. These are wonderful moments, which should be complemented by the right decoration. Here's what you need to prepare a gorgeous table for your child's birthday party.

Perfect table setting includes:

*        Cups for B-Day party

*        Plates for B-Day party

*        Cutlery for B-Day party

*        Napkins for B-Day party

*        Straws for B-Day party

Now, when you know what you need, it's time to think about the style of accessories. You can find a fantastic table setting supplies for every theme birthday party. Whether it's a girl's or boy's party, whether they are 5 or 15 years old, there's something for everyone. We’ve recently fallen in love with this safari set, ideal for a kid that dreams about jungle expedition. There are images of giraffes, elephants, zebras, and lions - all the wild animals you need for a safari theme party. But if you have another idea for a birthday celebration, feel free to explore the possibilities! Similar sets are available in other styles as well.

Safari table setting for a party 

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Photo props for B-Day party

Photo booths and funny photos have been one of the biggest party trends in recent years. Thanks to photo props you can now easily organize such activity at your children's birthday party. Photo props turn taking photos into a time full of laughs. And we guarantee it’s great fun also for parents! There are many different sets available online. We can't decide which of these two we like more! Moon photo props with amazing space prints or funny dino-mite set. Which one do you choose?

Dino photo props

Space photo props and dinosaur photo props  

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Party favor bags for B-Day party

Every birthday party comes to an end. Unfortunately! But luckily, there are party accessories that make it easier for kids to accept it. Yes, we’re talking about wonderful party favor bags. If guests receive a small gift in them, e.g. a photo or a set of theme-matching stickers, memories of the party stay with them for at least a little bit longer.  Like with these two happy bears on bicycles, kids can go back to the greatest show on earth they attended.

Circus party favor bags

Circus party favor bags

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You can buy all these accessories online in five minutes, without leaving the house! Delivered right to the door, they will be ready to decorate your kid’s birthday party. It really is a huge time saver. If you especially liked any of the products we mentioned, don't hesitate to check out the Party Dash shop. You can find them there together with many other fantastic B-Day party decorations.


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