5 Circus-Themed Snacks to Put On the Greatest Show

5 Circus-Themed Snacks to Put On the Greatest Show

Do you have a little one who always wants to be the ringleader? Then a circus-themed party is right up your alley! Whether your little ones are still reciting songs from The Greatest Show or they have a newfound love for Dumbo thanks to Disney+, they’re ready for a crazy fun party! It can all be a bit overwhelming having to deal with décor, games, and snacks. And like the circus animals they are, your party guests will be hungry. Thankfully, with just a tiny bit of preparation, you can have unique and delicious circus party snacks that will keep the kids and adults full. Read on for circus-themed party food—we promise you it’s not “in tents” but really easy!



Grape Balloon Animals

Grape Animal BalloonsKIDDIE FOODIES


If you’re having a circus-themed party for kids, this is one snack you can’t miss out on. Grapes are a favorite food for many young ones, and with a few toothpicks, you can make these adorable balloon animals.


Kids are always told not to play with their food. So why not be the fun parent and allow them to be the ringleader and break that particular rule? They’ll love playing with these balloon dogs! In the process, they’ll even get a healthy snack. Each balloon dog is made from 11 grapes; a perfect snack for the little ones. To make them even better, use cotton candy grapes! Just be sure to warn them about the toothpicks before they dive in.


Elephant Fruit Bowl

Elephant Fruit BowlSUSAN SCHROCK


Whether you’re having a circus-themed birthday party or a circus-themed baby shower, this elephant fruit bowl is delicious for both kids and adults! You’ll carve out a watermelon, make a trunk and ears, slice and dice some fruit, and you’re good to go. Though this circus-themed party snack seems a bit intimidating, it couldn’t be easier. All you’ll need is a sharp knife to help the carving.


Everyone will think you’re a master at party snacks. But the best part? You’ll have something nutritious that the kids will love to eat. And since there are no processed sugars, you won’t have the little circus animals bouncing off of your walls (as much).


Clown Veggies

Circus Clown VeggiesANGENUITY


We’re getting to the sugar, but first, we have one more healthy snack that couldn’t be sillier. Circuses all have clowns, right? So, in the interest of keeping it on-brand, you need a clown-themed snack! Thankfully, not all clowns have to be scary. This one is cute, delicious, and easy.


Buy a veggie tray and then rearrange it on a large baking sheet until it looks like a clown. Because there are so many different aspects of this clown, you don’t have to worry about it looking perfect. With just a few extra minutes, your vegetables are kid-friendly and exciting.


Frosted Animal Cookie Cheesecake

Circus CheesecakeAWWSAM


Need a circus-themed dessert? We’ve got you. This no-bake cheesecake will have you singing, “Animal crackers in my cake!” And don’t worry, all your guests will be applauding how scrumptious this tastes. This pink and white cheesecake uses frosted circus animal cookies for the crust; you even use them to decorate the top, too! The whole recipe takes less than 30 minutes, so you can even prep it the morning of the party. (Shh, we won’t tell if you don’t!)


As quick and cute as this is, you’ll be getting the award for the best ringmaster solely based on the taste. Sweet and filled with nostalgia, this is a circus-themed cake that you don’t want to miss.


Bonus for the Adults: Cotton Candy Margaritas

Circus Cocktails



Are the little trapeze artists driving you nuts? Don’t worry, most of us feel like we’re running around in a circus all day long! If you have parents coming to your big top soirée and want something yummy to share, then check out this Cotton Candy Margarita. A mixture of tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur, cream soda, and cotton candy will make your taste buds feel like they’re performing in the circus themselves! Super sweet with a warming buzz, this margarita will surely earn you bonus points with the adults.


You’ve got the snacks, but you also need circus-themed decorations. For beautiful, minimalist-style décor perfect for Pinterest and the ‘gram, look no further than Party Dash. We know how hard it is to shop for decorations, but we have the perfect circus-themed party that comes right to you. Tired of hauling your circus animals to the store? We’ve got you! Check out our gorgeous circus theme and your party planning is finished.

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