7 Snacks to Throw the Ultimate Happy Unicorn Party

7 Snacks to Throw the Ultimate Happy Unicorn Party

Ready to throw a magical unicorn party? Whether you’re doing a unicorn first birthday party or a magical night in with some of your adult friends, we have the ultimate unicorn party food that will make your guests feel like jumping over rainbows! 

The unicorn trend isn’t going anywhere, and it’s bound to be a favorite for the ages. Unicorns and rainbows are absolutely adorable, so grab your sparkly horn and tail and check out our list of unicorn food and snacks. Plus, don’t miss out on our special bonus treat at the end of the list for those adults who want to be a unicorn too! 

From pretzels to popcorn and more, our unicorn party treats will be fit for any guest on your list. Young and old, everyone will feel excited to see this unicorn party food at the table! 


Unicorn Pretzels 

Unicorn Pretzels

Everyone knows that without a horn, a unicorn is just a fancy horse. Make sure everyone has a unicorn horn with these unicorn pretzels! This is one of the easiest and cutest unicorn party snacks you’ll find. 

Using starbursts, white chocolate, and food coloring, you create delicious unicorn horns that every little girl will want to eat. Quick, easy, and delicious—what else could you ask for? 


Unicorn Popcorn 

Unicorn Popcorn
Need the perfect unicorn food to feed your hungry guests? Well, it’s not a unicorn party theme unless there are bright colors and super sweet treats! This popcorn is about as bright as it gets, and it’s made using candy melts.  


Pop some white popcorn, drizzle candy melts on top, and wait for the chocolate to dry. Break it up into chunks and put it into a bowl. For those with a saltier palette, consider purchasing some of your favorite pink Himalayan sea salt. Everything can be easily paired with some super cute unicorn decorations too.  


Unicorn Cake

Unicorn Cake  

One of the most fun, tiring, and difficult parts of throwing a party is the cake. Thankfully, unicorn cake doesn’t have to be an insane project! This unicorn cake is downright adorable, and it’s really easy to do. Don’t worry—we won’t tell your party guests just how easy it is. 

Not only is it a delicious funfetti cake, but the decorated cake fits perfectly as your unicorn party table centerpiece. People will be shocked that you made it yourself, and they’ll be so in awe of your magical abilities you’ll have to cover up your unicorn horn. 


Unicorn Cotton Candy Cream Soda 

Two words: Cotton candy. You know why everyone loves it? Because it’s literally just spun sugar. Cotton candy would be awesome by itself, but when you add cream soda to the mix, it becomes pure carbonated sugar magic! When you put soda and cotton candy together, you get a sweet treat that kids and adults will adore. 

You can make the cotton candy yourself, or purchase it from your favorite offline or online vendor. It couldn’t get easier! 


Unicorn Pudding

Unicorn Pudding

We have it under good authority that those who want to be a unicorn must eat unicorn pudding. Unicorn desserts are as cute as can be, but this pudding was named Unicorn Poop for being crazy bright. Whatever you want to call it, one thing remains true—it’s absolutely delicious. 

With layered pudding, whipped cream, and sprinkles, everyone will be grabbing for these delicious unicorn party treats. 


Unicorn Hot Chocolate 

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Unicorns are enjoyed in summer and winter, so if your unicorns need to be warmed up, this hot chocolate is the way to go. Pink hot chocolate gets paired with an insane amount of whipped cream and sprinkles.  

With just one sip, you’ll be transported to a magical place from the comfort of your living room. Whether it’s the sugar rush or attack of the rainbows, we’re not sure, but this hot chocolate is definitely one to be enjoyed. 


Unicorn Funfetti Dip 

Unicorn Dip

A bright rainbow of color that you can dip animal crackers in, this unicorn funfetti dip is a party must! Perfect against your unicorn backdrop when showcased on the party table, this is a snack for both kids and adults.

All you need is vanilla yogurt and cool whip; dye the mixture in batches and then gently combine them. It’s a sweet unicorn treat that guests will be talking about for quite some time. 


(Bonus for the adults!)

Unicorn Cocktail 



Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the rainbows and glitter? Hey, we’ve got you! Everyone deserves a unicorn treat—especially the adults. This unicorn cocktail includes Captain Morgan’s LocoNut, berry grenadine, and orange-flavored blue curacao. The combination is fruity and tropical, and it may just help take off the edge from throwing a unicorn themed party!

All the adults present will thank you for the unicorn cocktail and trust us, you’re probably gonna need it too. In fact, consider making a few to help you get through all the unicorn party prep work. And if you’re throwing a unicorn adult party, this is the drink that will really make you shake your unicorn tail.

There are tons of unicorn party ideas that you can look at, but for a picture-perfect party that couldn’t be easier, check out Party Dash. Our unicorn themed party comes right to your door with everything you’ll need to decorate. In a trendy, minimalist-style package, you’ll find décor that is dying to be pinned on Pinterest. We’re your magical unicorn helper coming in to save the party (and your sanity)! 


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